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In Tokaj, the most beautiful region in the world, surrounded by rivers and hills, rich in berries, game and mushrooms, the joy of creation is the driving force behind winemaking. We believe in organic cultivation, maintaining equilibrium and the power of the local community. We don’t impose anything on our wines, we simply let the terroir prevail. We are exploring the potential of Furmint, Hárslevelű and Muscat.


We believe that it is the winemaker who makes the face of the wine truly human, so the wine reflects the character of the winemaker. We don’t follow trends, rather we make wines in a style that we would like to drink – modern, pure, light, but with plenty of concentration. We insist on elegance in every detail.

We like a challenge, but we’ve learned that patience and slowing down mean more than anything else. So that you can enjoy and savour the moment – this is the adventure to which we invite everyone who visits us and tastes our wines.

Live your life and be yourself!


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Tagadhatatlanul az egyik legizgalmasabb hegyaljai kispincét hozták létre Rácz Erikáék Erdőbényén. A BORIGO sem első alkalommal látogatott el hozzájuk, beszéltünk

Gyüttem, de nem megyek

Határozott, céltudatos, elképesztő munkabírású nő. Öt éve vezeti a SanzonTokajt, amit azért kezdett építeni, mert örökölt egy darab szőlőt Erdőbénye

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